Remembering 9/11

Every year on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I stop to reflect on the events of that terrible day and remember those who died.

I watch the TV coverage and think about how many people went to work or were simply going about their lives, and never made it home. My heart goes out to their families.

Wherever you live in the world, we are all brothers and sisters. Please take a moment to remember the victims of 9/11. We must never forget.

Thank you.

With gratitude, Sharon

Mobile Phones Now a Necessity for High School

Well now I’ve heard everything. I had taken my son’s phone away for an infraction, knowing that was the best way to get his attention. After a couple of days of being cut off from his friends and having tried everything else to get it back, he came to me and said he NEEDED his phone for school.

Now, I managed to get through high school, college and graduate school without a cell phone, so I really wanted to hear this. Go ahead, explain to me why you NEED a cell phone for school. This is going to be good.

You ready? He takes notes on his phone. Really? You’d rather type on an itty bitty keyboard than use good ole paper and pencil?

Yes, he tried it.

Did it work?

Just in case there was a grain of truth in there, I let him have his phone for an hour to retrieve his “notes”. Then it was back on lockdown until he saw the error of his ways.

Just another day in the life of the “TripletMompreneur”!

My 92-year-old Mother’s New iPad

Today my sister and I took our mother to the Apple Store to buy a computer. After playing around with the MacBook, we realized it would be overkill for what she needed — email and photos — so we looked at the iPad. I had played with one a few months ago and know I will get one at some point, but really thought the screen would be too small for her.

But this nice young man, Brett, helped show her how to do things and before you knew it, she whipped out her credit card and said “I’ll take it!”

Here’s a picture of Brett and my mother holding her new iPad.

Beulah Odom with her new iPad

My mother is no ordinary 92 year old grandmother — she’s been texting on her cell phone for the last year or two, and not one with a full keyboard either. She took to the touchscreen keyboard right away, and before I left the house, she was up and running with her gmail account.

I sent her an email asking did she like her new toy and she responded…

Yes!!  I am learning and having fun

Sent from my iPad

Ok, I’m off to set up her iTunes account so she can download apps…